MoveTeamOrganising a move, of course, needs to be done alongside the day job.  This means that you need to avoid involving people responsible for service delivery, production, public support – those underpinning your organisation’s purpose – as much as you possibly can.  That doesn’t mean you don’t have to consult – you do.  But organising a move is usually the responsibility of support staff – facilities, premises, estates, building management, or administration functions in larger organisations.

Who’s involved might depend on the scope of the project and maybe the culture or politics of the organisation.  Who needs to be involved should depend on the tasks that need owners.  In broad terms, the following responsibilities need to be covered – but not necessarily by different people – and you will find that some overlap:

  • Budgets/approvals
  • New building/space/services
  • Existing building/space/services
  • ICT
  • Move
  • Procurement/contracts
  • Staff arrangements and communications

On larger projects, the above headings will be broken down: ‘new building’, for example, could require different people engaged in acquisition, design, construction, furniture/fittings, facilities management – and so on.  But try not to make the core team too big, and therefore too unwieldy.  Major moves have been successfully executed involving an effective group of perhaps 4 or 5 people.  At the end of the day, it has to work for you, though.

Essentially, someone has to ‘provide the glue’ to ensure that all aspects of the move project are coordinated.  If this particular role is not clear, you are likely to have a problem and you will certainly waste a lot of time.

Spend time getting the team right; it’s worth it.

Finally, do not underestimate the value of the team all getting along.  If everyone has mutual respect for and trust in one another, your project will be so much more efficient – and it won’t be such hard work.  So make sure the team bonds.  I’d add that a good sense of humour is rather helpful too, but I do accept that can be difficult…!

Some people might WANT to be involved in planning the organisation’s move; they are not always the same as the people that MUST be involved.


Who’s in your move team?