SecurityPractical advice goes hand in hand with everything RIS has ever done with its clients.  Good advice can save hours of wasted time and effort, or unnecessary expense, as well as helping to prevent problems and deliver a higher quality result.  Experienced pragmatists know that problems, or ‘issues’ arise on every project – however good you are.

Organisations engage RIS to undertake highly focussed consultancy assignments that require analytical skills, objectivity – and move expertise.

If you just want advice or a second opinion about a move-related issue, simply send RIS an email.  A reply will normally be sent without obligation, though of course if something requires more than a reasonable amount of time a fee will be quoted first.


“Before our first day in our new territory is out, I just wanted to send you a note to say what a magnificent job you have done with the move of a significant number of staff, yet again.  I visited Beaver House this morning before 8am and all was calm.  When I returned mid-afternoon, it was still calm, and everyone to whom I spoke said how fantastic you and your teams have been.

Although I’ve barely seen you during the project, it’s been fantastic to know that the move was in the safest hands, and I’m hugely grateful for all you’ve done for us to make this transition so easy.  Thank you.”

CQ, Said Business School, University of Oxford