White vanIf your move is very simple, you may do a lot worse than hire the ubiquitous ‘man with a van’.  You may even be tempted to do it yourself – though, personally, I wouldn’t.  But in most cases, you’ll need a competent business, or ‘commercial’, remover.  Bear in mind that a remover that specialises in domestic or overseas moving, however good they are at those disciplines, may not be the best option when it comes to moving your office, library, laboratory, museum, warehouse or factory.  Choosing the right removal contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make – you are trusting the remover with your organisation’s assets and your day could be seriously spoilt if they get it wrong.

So what should you expect from a commercial remover?

You should expect a competent commercial remover to be familiar with what you are trying to achieve.  Experienced contractors are capable of providing a managed, pro-active, service rather than just turning up on the day with a few vans, some boxes and a crew of heavies.  They have policies and procedures with regard to staff recruitment, vetting, training, health and safety and will be able to illustrate how they will handle your move.  They will be able to interpret space plans, attend meetings to discuss arrangements, help your staff – and on larger moves you should expect them to be part of the team in the run up to the move and to have a senior manager available or on site when it happens.

Do you need a removal company?
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