Mike BilesMike has been called a business move guru – and many other things, some of them polite.  Despite that, he has the practical experience of hundreds of successful moves – offices, libraries, laboratories – planned and managed on behalf of blue-chip clients, public bodies, charities and smaller businesses.  Mike has written and spoken about moves; he has even been invited to judge them.

The strength of the RIS approach has always been based on Mike’s analytical style, integrity, objectivity, commitment to success through efficiency – and humour.

Mike studied history at university and then went on to take a post-graduate teaching qualification.  He took what he thought would be a temporary job in 1981 with the Rentacrate division of Hay’s Business Services, whose sole activity was renting materials handing equipment – mainly for office, library and other corporate moves.  In addition to liaising with organisations about their move needs, Mike was involved with the development of new products and gained an effective knowledge of the commercial removals market.  It was this experience of move projects, and commercial removal firms, which identified a potential gap in the market.

Mike has been working with his clients all over Britain, and overseas, ever since.  When not doing that, he indulges his love of Britain and its history with a website, A Bit About Britain.