OptionsAvoid dislocation to your organisation’s business or purpose

When your organisation is faced with a major relocation, it’s your move.  Do you handle everything in-house, or call upon additional, and objective, expertise to help out – targeted where it’s needed?

There is no rehearsal for a successful move.  So it is reassuring to have the experience of hundreds of successful moves at your disposal.

Minimise disruption to you, your staff, customers and public

You know your organisation best.  And you need to be in control.  But, realistically, without dedicated knowledgeable staff, successful move projects can only be totally handled in-house at the expense of something else – usually the day job; occasionally someone’s sanity; hopefully not your business.

Why waste time working through something you don’t often do (or have never done) when you can tap into proven expertise?

Aim for a move that is as efficient and cost-effective as it can be

RIS is a trusted brand.  Its services have been engaged by organisations large and small, public and private, for more than 30 years.  Clients plug into unparalleled knowledge of what makes moves work, logistics and the moving industry.  They like the personal hands-on approach, tailored to their needs.  It often provides the necessary glue between different project players; and it always works alongside in-house resources as needed – objectively and independently.

It’s your move.  Whether you need to kick-start a move project, want someone to manage it on your behalf, or just want to chat it through – get in touch.  It costs nothing to make an enquiry.