When RIS was launched in 1985, it was revolutionary.  No one had offered independent specialist business move consultancy before.  When a manager needed external help to organise a move, often the only choice was to engage a general project manager, who may or may not have had relevant experience.  Sometimes, designers or architects offered ‘the move’ as a bolt-on service to their core activity, tinkering without really knowing what they were doing.  More often than not, heads of department did their own thing, perhaps involving the office or facilities managers in larger projects, perhaps not.

RIS offered its clients objectivity, invaluable time, lack of fear, non-partisan knowledge of the removals market – and efficiency.  These features are just as true today as they were then – except of course for the unique benefits of accumulated experience that can only be gained from organising hundreds of successful moves over the last three decades.

In 1985, professionally written move specifications were virtually non-existent and expectations could be pretty low.  The business removals market was dominated by a small number of firms whose service delivery was inconsistent and who often relied on unbudgeted extra charges to make a profit.  There was no transparent means of impartially assessing quality, or value.  These days, there is almost too much information and the market is slightly more sophisticated.  But success still relies on deploying the right amount of resource at the right time and place and working to a coordinated plan – and, without proper preparation and organisation, that can be just as hit and miss as it ever was.