Kick-start a move

All organisations need to get a move project onto an efficient footing from the outset. No move project achieves its objectives unless it is properly planned.  By ‘planned’, we do not mean ‘space planning’ – that is just a small,

Plan and manage a move

RIS’ reputation is for managing, and helping to manage, efficient, cost-effective, relocations.  The emphasis of responsibility varies from client to client, but success is always a team effort. If your move is going to succeed, it must be planned.  It

Specifications and tenders

We usually – but not always – need to obtain competitive quotations for contracted services.  So the need to accurately specify requirements and then formally tender removal contracts is an essential component of most move projects.  RIS has undertaken this


About RIS

Relocation information Services (RIS) is a personal business move consultancy with a unique 30 year track record of planning and managing successful workplace move projects.  This includes HQ moves, office moves, library moves, archive moves, laboratory moves and stock moves.

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What people say

Mike's involvement also enables core staff to concentrate on other commitments with total - probably enhanced - control over events and budgets.

CG Head of Facilities Management, Wellcome Trust

His in-depth and insightful knowledge of the removal industry is second to none and ensures the harder formal side of the business is scrupulously detailed and rigid but fair, whilst the softer informal side is charming and flexible to the client.

TBS, Relocation Consultant

Successful business moves

All moves happen, one way or another. A successful move is one where you have determined aims, worked out what needs to be done in good time, made sure it's done - and that it's been done well.